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Experience the Freshness

We grow different crops based on what you and our family want to eat. Crops and fruits grow at different rates based on weather and other factors. Get on our Pickers List so we can let you know what is ready and about to be ready to be picked.

Our main berry season is May, June, and July. Once our muscadines mature, they will fruit later in the summer, around mid-August (we hope!)

We will contact you approximately once per week to show the scheduled picks. We pick every other day for ultimate freshness.

Our website home page has information, as well as Facebook. If you want to come pick, you MUST purchase a ticket.

Each picking day, we have three picking sessions, and if you want to come, you have to buy a ticket to enter Four Winds Garden. Typically, there is a session at 8 am, 9 am, and 10 am, but it can change slightly due to weather.

You can reserve a spot with the app two days prior to picking day. We create enough tickets for each picking session based on what fruits and vegetables will be ripe and ready.

 We operate on a reservation system, like a restaurant - we limit the number of people per hour allowed in. We do this to make sure we can keep lines short, make sure you have plenty to pick, and help you with any questions or problems you have while you are at the Garden.

Regular Admission

$5 plus tax per person entering the Garden one time, whether you are picking or not.

If you plan to visit a few times this season, Regular Admission is perfect. You must book a ticket to visit the Garden. Purchase one ticket for each person in your group. The maximum number of people in a group is 6.

This ticket gets you admission to the Garden.

Do not come if you have not purchased a ticket on our website.

Season Pass

Individual Season Pass:

$35 plus tax: Individual Season Pass. Admits 1–2 people (this includes children) all season long.

Family Season Pass:

$55 plus tax: Family Season Pass. Admits 1–4 people all season long. Kids older than one year count towards the total of people.

If you plan on coming to the Garden multiple times, the Season Pass is perfect! Season Pass holders are NOT required to book tickets; you can come during any open pick all season long.

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