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Offering a Pick-Your-Own Experience- Blueberries, Blackberries, Muscadine Grapes, Fruits, and Vegetables

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Welcome to Four Winds Garden!

Garden visits are by appointment only at this time.

Located just outside the picturesque town of Hot Springs, Arkansas, Four Winds Garden spans across 22 acres of serene beauty along Amity Road. Owned and operated by David and Karen Reagler, Four Winds Garden is a labor of love that began in January 2022 when we acquired this stunning farm from Hal and Sue Koppel.

Nestled amidst rolling pastures, a charming farmhouse, and a tranquil pond, Four Winds Garden offers you the chance to enjoy mother nature with your friends and family.

At Four Winds Garden, we're passionate about cultivating the finest produce nature has to offer. From succulent blueberries and rich blackberries to flavorful muscadine grapes, our farm is a testament to the joys of fresh, homegrown goodness. In addition to our berries, we nurture a variety of fruits and vegetables, ensuring a diverse harvest of flavors.

We firmly believe that there's nothing quite like the taste of food fresh off the plant, bush, or vine. That's why we invite you to experience the magic of Pick-Your-Own at Four Winds Garden. It's an opportunity to savor world-class produce straight from the source as you hand-select the ripest treasures from our fields.

But Four Winds Garden is more than just a farm – it's a community. We take pride in sharing our knowledge and experiences with fellow enthusiasts, welcoming visitors to join us in the harvest. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or simply curious about where your food comes from, there's always room for you at Four Winds Garden.

Farming is an ever-changing adventure filled with challenges and rewards. Here at Four Winds Garden, we embrace the journey, and we invite you to be a part of the excitement.

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, we utilize natural methods of growing. You can trust that our produce is grown with care and free from synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. At Four Winds Garden, we prioritize the health of our land, our crops, and our community.

Join us at Four Winds Garden, where every visit promises a taste of nature's finest and an opportunity to connect with the land, the harvest, and the joy of farming.

What if the App Won’t Let Me Purchase a Ticket?

Then it is, likely, too early, and we haven’t decided how many tickets will be available for the pick you want OR

The pick has already sold out, and we don’t have any room available.

From Hot Springs, go south on Central Avenue (highway 7) to Amity Road. Turn west on amity road and drive 8 miles. We are on the North (on your right) side of the road. On the south side of the road, straight across from the farm, sits a small, faded red firehouse. We are straight across from the red firehouse. Just to let you know gps sometimes send people across the street incorrectly.

When you arrive, drive through the gate, past the pond, and you will see a big sign that reads “PARKING” on the right side of the driveway. Park, and walk to the shop ahead of you. There is a table that has a sign that reads "CHECK IN." Go to that table, and You’ll get a red bucket and or basket from us under the tent, and we'll talk about what's good for the pickin' that day and how to do it. From there, you can head out and pick. Look for one of us with a gray Four Winds Garden T-shirt if you have any questions. You will get comfortable with the picking and the process once you experience it. We have liners for the one-gallon buckets - you will want to use those for the berries. The shopping baskets hold more and work well for the produce.

When you're done, come back to the shop, and we will weigh your fruits and veggies and collect payment.

For every picker, there is a $5 admission fee (counted as feet on the ground - there is no fee for babies). Blackberries and Blueberries are $7 per pound; big tomatoes and beets are $3 per pound; cherry tomatoes, carrots, and sweet peppers are $4-5 per pound; hot peppers are $8 per pound (a pound of hot peppers is a lot of hot peppers), onions are $2 per pound, cucumbers are $3 per pound, squash is $2 per pound. Greens are $3 per pint, and Potatoes are $1.50 per pound.

You may pick as much or as little as you wish, but if you pick it, you bought it, so keep an eye on little ones and don’t pick more than you can use.

If you pick and ditch good produce in the field, you will not be permitted to return.

No. We are closed at all times, except during scheduled picks, and are farming and gardening. We work every day, but are only OPEN during scheduled picks. Mowing, weeding, planting, pruning, trash pickup, etc., take up our days when we do not have scheduled picks.

Bring your own bucket and pick tools if you have them. But you are welcome to use ours. We only loan out scissors, buckets, and shopping totes. Use the buckets for the berries, and use the liner we give to protect your berries.

For clothing, wear what is comfortable. Some of the blackberries have thorns, but the fruit forms on the ends of the branches - no need to go digging in the thorns. That being said, I wear lightweight long-sleeved shirts on Blackberry pruning days. We mainly recommend real shoes - not Crocs or flip-flops.

If you have been to Central Arkansas before, you know that we grow ROCKS! They are everywhere, and it is easy to turn your ankle if you have flimsy footwear and are not paying attention.

Go to our website and cancel your ticket. As long as you do so by Midnight, the night before the pick, we will refund your money. We have NO office people, so it takes a few days for us to process your refund.

However, if you cancel the day of the pickup or do not show up, you will pay the full price for your ticket. We cannot fill your spot with little or no notice, so if you don’t show up or cancel the day of the pick.

We are sorry, but we depend on the picks to earn our living and keep the fields picked properly.

No. Pick what you want, and then check out and leave at your leisure. Just keep in mind that the folks here for the other picks deserve to have a super-duper time, just like you did. The Garden closes 30 minutes AFTER the end time of the last pick-typically, 11:30 am.

We prefer cash but take cards. We pay an extra 3.5% charge for credit cards and pass that charge on to you. We want to be fair.

We do NOT use synthetic pesticides on our plants, so you are definitely going to see bugs; 97% of them are typically beneficial or neutral (cause no harm).

We battle fire ants, and there are organically approved baits that do a good job.

However, you will find fire ants at certain times of the year. Believe it or not, during mating seasons, THEY FLY!! This is to create new colonies, so it is a never-ending process to keep them out of the Garden.


I use Picaridin cream, but some folks use DEET, Eucalyptus oil, and all kinds of oils and sprays.

WE HAVE TICKS IN ARKANSAS! If the season is warm and rainy, we have more ticks. If it is hot and dry as a bone, we have less. But ticks are tiny and can be anywhere.

We are a working farm. We have a 6-acre pond and pastures and piles of straw loaded with horse poop.

YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT CRITTERS YOU WILL FIND HERE. We have had bald eagles in our pine trees, and a mountain lion was photographed in Amity, Arkansas. (we are located on Amity Road!) We see Coyotes, deer, foxes, rabbits, armadillos, purple martins, and all kinds of insects.


Sorry - we love our three dogs, but you won’t see them running around during picking time.

Port-A-Potties are ready and waiting.

The weather in Central Arkansas is unpredictable. If the weather looks threatening, we will cancel the pick.

However, this will be done the morning of the pick-up and not the day before. If the pick is canceled, you can get a refund or use that ticket for a later pick. It is up to you.

During summer, pop-up thunderstorms can develop, and we take the weather seriously. If we need to cancel the pick with no notice during the pick, we will do so.

Safety First.

This changes during the year. Certain plants like cool, wet weather. Others like broiling and dry weather. We get it all here in Arkansas. 

We won’t have all of these plants at any one time.

But during certain times of the year, we grow

  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Muscadines (grapes)
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Leafy greens
  • Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Eggplants
  • Okra
  • Cucumbers
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Flowers